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CUSLINK Clearance system includes Declaration, Revenue Collection, Risk Management, Inspection, Enterprise Management, Anti-Smuggling, Cross-Border and e-Commerce, Processing Trade, Express & Parcel, AEO, Monitoring & Command, Classification & Valuation.

CUSLINK Customs Logistics mainly contains warehousing, transport enterprise, tally, shipping, manifest, air shipping, pipeline transport, passenger, railway freight, oil/gas transport, land freight, checkpoint, supply chain and logistics visualization, supervision site and information gathering.

CUSLINK Customs Statistics provides Statistics Report, Academic Research, Yearbook and Data modeling. It will continue to enhance its capacity of research and forecast on import and export, regularly evaluated the macroeconomic context and foreign trade.

The platform supports Paperless declaration and mobile declaration . Additionally, it also provides automatic risk analysis and self-tax payment. Commodity classification and taxation calculation are also included in the platform as increment services.

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As an important strategic partner of China Customs informatization, Cuslink was fully involved in Customs informatization plan, and was responsible for more than 400 systems including core Clearance, Logistics and Administrative Management.

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On December 5,  the deputy general manager of the company, met with Ms Fabienne, trade statistics expert of OECD.

On October 24, the company took part in the centralized work of the new generation of customs H2018 projects.

On June 8, China Cuslink introduced Smart Customs System (SCS) at WCO IT Conference.

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China Cuslink CO., LTD is a high-tech enterprise affiliated to China Customs Information Center(China Customs Electronic Clearance Center)